Trips and excursions

Day Trips

Day trips are organised in collaboration with local community institutions such as the Police service, Fire Service, libraries, conservation areas and local Government. Pupils visit places of educational and cultural interest such as museums, theatre and concert performances.

Day trips in the first and second terms are related to the curricular programme for each year group and at the end of the third term are more leisure oriented 

Residential activities and Ski trips.

The School organises several residential activities each year such as adventure camps for Infant and Primary pupils, ski trips to Sierra Nevada or the Pyrenees, sailing, climbing and canoeing activities. 

Trip to the United Kingdom

Primary 6 pupils take part in an annual trip to the United Kingdom. Accompanied and supervised by School staff the pupils spend an action packed week visiting places of historical, cultural and educational interest directly related to the school curriculum. The trip, more importantly, serves as a first hand experience of English speaking culture.

School trips to other European countries

For the last 3 years, the school has organised a trip for Secondary pupils to European countries such as France and Italy.  Pupils are accompanied and supervised by school staff throughout the visit which usually takes place at the end of the second term. The trips include visits to places of historical and cultural interest such as Rome, Naples, Paris and Milan.

Trip to London

As an integral part of their studies, A Level Art, Drama and Music students spend 3 or 4 days in London in the second term. They attend theatre performances, visit museums and galleries and take part in courses related to their specialist subjects.


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