Frequently asked questions

Which subjects are taught in English?

In Primary all subjects are taught in English except the compulsory Lengua and Conocimiento del Medio taught in Spanish. In some cases PE is taught in Spanish.

In Secondary, all subjects are taught in English except the compulsory Lengua y Literatura, Geografia e Historia which are taught in Spanish. In Murcia, Music and PE are taught in Spanish. In Villamartin in English.

In the Bachillerato levels, students can opt to study in English or in Spanish.

If the parents don´t speak English, how can they help their children with their homework?

The parent role is to accompany the children when they first start doing homework and gradually they will become more and more responsible and acquire good working habits . It is not necessary for the parents to speak English as the homework sent is always based on work already revised  in the class.

What are school hours?

From 9.30am to 5.00pm except in June and September when hours are 9.30am to 4.00pm.

Where can I buy the school uniform?

At El Corte Inglés department stores.

What type of text books do pupils use and where can I buy them?

The text books used in subjects taught through English are the same ones pupils use in the UK at the same level. The same is true of Spanish texts – they are the same as those used in a Spanish school-

All books can be ordered and purchased through the school at its specialised on site book shop.

Which external examinations does the school offer?

In English, students can take sit all levels of the Cambridge suite of exams. In French and German they can sit the official Goethe Institut and L’Alliance Française examinations.

Does the school have an exchange programme with foreign students?

Yes, particularly with England. Exchanges are taking place with Chilton Cantelo School. John Porteous can give you further information.

We also have exchange programmes in place with EE.UU and Canada.

Does the school do summer courses? What activities are involved in these courses?

El Limonar school offers English  summer courses for infant and primary students in July. The students have English classes daily and they go to the swimming pool (where they have their morning snack), then they return to school to have lunch and do a variety of workshops ranging from gardening to dance lessons.

Is the dining room compulsory?

In Murcia up to Bachillerato.

In Villamartín up to and including Primary 6.

What is the student-teacher ratio?

The maximum number of pupils in a class is 25. In the Infant levels there is a teacher and assistant in each classroom

The overall ratio, dividing the number of student by the number of teaching staff is 9.2 pupils per teacher. This is the lowest in the region and among the lowest in Spain.

 Staff qualification? 

The programme of studies at ELIS is recognised and convalidated by the Spanish Ministry of Education:

The qualifications of teachers of subjects in Spanish Language and Culture comply with the requisites of the Spanish Ministry of Education.

Teachers of subjects taught in English, French, German or Chinese are qualified in their respective field in their countries of orgin and/or in Spain.

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