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A bilingual education, apart from having the advantage of being an intercultural communicación and a offering a wider range of professionals, gives children a dual approach to reality and to the world of “meanings.” Bilingualism means a more stimulative approach to learning as the concepts learnt have more nuances.

It is highly recommended that the learning of a second language is done at an early age and if possible from birth, where children are in the first stage of language development and do not distinguish between one language or another;being solely aware of different sounds and meanings given by the person who is producing those sounds.

 The key to good results is a significant and practical learning, involving the children in stories and traditional songs and offering  them a wide range of experiences,not only in the classroom environment, but also thorough daily experiences. Our pupils have a good command of the English language which becomes a natural language for them, The children speak English throughout the day, not only in the classroom but also during playtime, in the dining room, when brushing their teeth etc...

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