Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The El Limonar International School bilingual programme develops each pupil's sense of respect and dignity in order to achieve inner human and academic excellence within an educational framework which nurtures and challenges, and promotes intellectual growth.

Founding Principles

An ongoing commitment to children's growth and development in sound human values allows us to guide them through their intellectual education. Our belief in the basic values and qualities established in the Declaration of Human Rights are present day after day throughout the different activities and stages of our pupils' education, from 3 to 18 years.

We educate for democracy: equality, respect and dignity.

Educational Principles

  • To provide a safe and democratic educational community with maximum learning opportunities for each and every pupil.
  • To develop pupils’ sense of respect and dignity in order to be sensitive to an even greater degree of inner excellence.
  • To facilitate the development of personal and social values leading to mature citizenship in a diverse world.
  • To seek academic merit by stimulating pupils’ potential.
  • To optimise bilingual immersion in order to achieve linguistic excellence in a global society.
  • To encourage high performance in logical mathematical thinking in order to achieve academic excellence.
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