El Limonar Family Club…Saturday mornings learning together! 


1stTerm calendar


Learn to use recycled materials and convert them in beautiful works of art or decorative objects.

Working magic with used objects, we will make new and original toys.


  • To allow our children's imaginations to run free through a structured activity
  • Improve our self-confidence through artistic experimentation with different materials and techniques
  • To strengthen family bonds by working together
  • To awaken artistic creativity

*Children should bring an old T-shirt or painting overall for this activity.

 26th October –  HOCUS POCUS MAGIC

Laughs are guaranteed!

The whole family will have fun at our magic trick show, complete with balloons, face-painting, music and dance.


  • To have some fun and laughs with the family
  • To stimulate our imagination and curiosity


”Learn how to prepare recipes for the youngest members of the family”

A culinary revolution for the youngest members of the family and an activity for all to enjoy.

Experiment with food and learn how to make delicious recipes for the whole family.


  • To learn how to work in a team
  • To reinforce family values
  • To value one's own work as well as that of others
  • To develop  healthy eating habits

*Children should bring an apron or old T-shirt for the cookery activity.

14th December – SCRAPBOOKING

We will learn how to plan and make our own cards and scrapbooks. Each one will be a unique and original object.


  • To stimulate creativity
  • To learn how to turn everyday objects into a work of art

 * Los niños deben traer una camiseta  o babi para esta actividad

2nd term calendar

18th January 2013 – STORYTELLING

Like it used to be!

Come along and listen to our storytelling session where your world will be transformed into one of adventure and excitement.


  • To develop interest in traditional storytelling.
  • To encourage childrens' imagination
  • To strengthen friendship bonds and encourage team work

8th February: SPORTS DAY:

A challenge for everyone!

Roll up to take part in our very special mini-Olympics and try your hand at some original sports and challenges.


  • To learn how to work in a team and about healthy competition
  • To value the importance of sport for healthy living

* Children should wear comfortable clothing and sports shoes

8th March: MASK MAKING: Creative Expression

We will learn about the important role the humble mask can play in art therapies and parent-child communication and then make our own masks from paper, card and foam. The fun is guaranteed when we bring our masks to life with voice and movement.


  • To develop creative expression
  • To encourage and develop parent- child communication

* Children should bring an old T-shirt or painting overall for this activity.


Everyone's invited to our Easter Egg Hunt!

Come and celebrate this wonderful Easter tradition with us. Which team will find most Easter eggs? We've got lots and they are all well-hidden. Bring your family, friends and neighbours to join in the fun and get a taste of the chocolate!


  • To discover the origin of this tradition
  • To learn how to read a map
  • To solve simple riddles

3rd Term calendar


Learn simple techniques to create your own fun puppets using different household materials. Open the doors of your imagination and learn how to communicate with the help of our puppet friends.


  • To stimulate our children's creativity
  • Te help our children communicate with the family, using imaginary characters.

18th May – SUMMER FAIR

School's out for summer – or very nearly! Help us make the end of year party the best way to start the summer! Come and enjoy the different workshops and surprise attractions on show, all taking place on our school site.


  • To value the importance of activities carried out with the family.


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