Summerlin Murcia


Summerlim is 4 week course focussing on language learning and practise in a fun, lively environment.

The Summer Course takes place at our facilities in Murcia during July.

  1. El Limonar International School Infant la Alberca (Verdolay) 
  2. El Limonar International School Montepríncipe (Molina de Segura)

Course dates: 2nd- 28th July 2012.

Groups are organised by ages:

  • Group 1: 3 – 5 years
  • Group 2: 6  - 7 years.
  • Group 3: 8 -  9 years.
  • Group 4: 9 – 11 years


Within these groups there may be sub-groups according to levels of linguistic ability in English.

Group 1: a maximum of 25 pupils with 1 teacher and 1 assistant.  

The other groups will be of approximatetly 15  pupils. Teachers are bilingual and specialists in active learning of the English language. Methodology is adapted to each age group and classes are dynamic and practical. Each pupil will receive educational material to be used throughout the course.

Course Options:

  • Full day: from 9.00am to 17.30pm
  • Half day: from 9.00am to 2.00pm

Course progamme:

Infant (3 – 5 years)
Half day:Two English classes a day, motor skills activities, games in the garden and swimming. 

Full day also includes lunch, siesta and an additional afternoon class.

Junior (6 – 8 years) and (9 – 11 years)
Half day: Two English classes, directed sports activities, swimming

Full day also includes lunch, an afternoon class and hands-on workshops.

Specialised monitors and bilingual teachers come together for the sports and workshop activities to ensure an effective but fun learning process in English.

Parents will recieve the course programme as well as a list of activities to be carried out off-site. 


Pupils should bring  on a daily basis,bathing costume, towel, sun cream, plastic sandals  for the swimming pool,and a cap in their school bag. It is important that all items are clearly marked with your child´s name to avoid loss.

Clothing should be comfortable and not new as it may get dirty whilst painting in the workshops or even get lost.


There are three excursions programmed for the summer course.

For security reasons all staff attend the excursions, therefore there will be no school for the children who do not go on the excursions


All pupils will be given a sandwich or other as a mid-moring snack. Pupils on the full day programme will stay for lunch. The summer menu is prepared on site by our own kitchen staff and the food served is specially selected for school age children.


The bus route starts at 08.20 approximately and leaves school at the end of the day at 17.30.

Price list:


whole month - full day 615,00 €
whole month - half day 480,00 €
fifteen days - full day 485,00 €

fifteen days - half day

380,00 €

 All the pedagogical materials , workshops, meals and excursions are included in the price.

Bus prices (whole month)

Morning and afternoon...................................................................................160.00 €.

One way (either morning or afternoon)…............................................................95 €.

 Registration and reservation:

The cost of reservation is 200 € which is to be paid upon registration of your child

 (amount which will be deducted from the total price of the course).

 Account number: CAM 2090 0133 13 0200118962

To register, please give name of pupil and class your child will be attending in the summer 2011 camp.

The remaining amount has to be paid 5 days before the summer camp begins.

As the number of pupils we can accept  is limited, we advise parents to make the reservation as early as possible.


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