In the Infant Department at El Limonar International School we provide a caring environment which promotes the needs of the children as individuals within the framework of the following methodolgy:

  • We promote personal and social development through all areas of the curriculum. Health and habits are an important part of this development and are encouraged throughout the day.
  • Our curriculum is bilingual based on the National Curriculum for England and Wales linked with the Spanish curriculum.
  • In our schools we have high expectations of the children when speaking English and a high level of reading and writing is encouraged.
  • Consolidation of Maths concepts are achieved through a practical approach to all activities.
  • Creative development is a key element to young children, we provide workshops with specialists alongside the creative activities planned by our teachers.
  • Physical development takes place in an indoor adapted room as well as in the outdoor environment.
  • All areas of the Curriculum are based on topics with a practical approach to teaching and varied activities including play which can be differentiated to suit the needs of the children.
  • Children are taught good manners and behaviour through a systematic and positive approach.
  • Quality education is assured through our progressive assessment system.
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